Isn’t there already a difference between Genesis NFT holder and Non-Genesis NFT holder, why do we need more ‘levels of ownership’ within OWNers? Aren’t all OWNers the same?

Created by Support OWN, Modified on Thu, 22 Dec 2022 at 05:54 AM by Support OWN

Yes and No. 

Every unit of ownership is the same, which means holding 1 NFT would contribute to 1 ownership day.

However, an owner of multiple NFTs would have a higher OWNDex score because their ‘unit of ownership’ is much higher than the others. 

Simply put, 1 orange may be the same as another orange but 10 oranges are much more than 1 orange. Similarly, while both someone who holds 1 NFT and 10 NFTs are owners, they are different in terms of their ‘level of ownership’.

More levels also give game developers more levers to create a more challenging game and ecosystem.

It opens up a spectrum of possibilities to reward those who own more, believe more, and have contributed more in terms of time, money and belief.

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